2012 Is Over, So Where Is My Promised Land?

Yes, 2012 is now soundly behind us. December 21, 2012 came and went, here we are, waiting for the new utopia we were promised amidst threats of nuclear war, bombings at marathons, and personal challenges galore. Life after December 21st was supposed to be all peaches, ice cream, and rainbows, right?

What the !@#$%^& is going on?

Years ago I had the pleasure of attending a workshop by Gregg Braden. Gregg is a very smart man, and he explained many very complicated reports from NASA that showed that the Earth is going through an unprecedented cosmological shift. Starting in the 1980s, the Earth started going through three major shifts in a very short time span. Gregg’s presentation was five years ago, and the details have escaped me, so I urge anyone who is interested to check out Gregg’s work directly. However, I do recall that we are crossing the galactic equator and completing two major cycles all within a 30 year time span. The convergence of these three major events at the same time has never happened before. All three shifts will be complete in 2016.

Now that December 21st, 2012 has come and gone, we are officially in new energy. However, the largest transformation of consciousness in Earth’s history was never going to happen overnight. The Earth herself is releasing deep energies that have been buried since the beginning of time. We, her inhabitants, are also releasing memories, traumas, and fears that have been buried inside our consciousness for lifetimes. Add to this the desire for duality to still remain the predominant paradigm, and you get chaos. The darkness is fighting for its last breath. Old energy is manifesting as anger and a desire to control power and the results are messy.

So what can we do to survive this continued chaos? Firstly, have tolerance and practice patience. Have tolerance for other humans and the choices they are making. Have tolerance for those who are stuck in old energy and afraid to move forward. Have tolerance for the old energy itself, which is trying so desperately to stay alive. And be patient. Even though thirty years feels like an eternity to those of us on the planet right now, it is less than a blink of an eye in the entire course of Earth’s history. I know your nerves are probably frayed but hold on. More unity is coming.

Secondly, in this time of great change, allow things in your life to die. Allow the old relationships that do not fill you with love, joy, and playfulness to die. Give away the objects in your home that do not fill you with feelings of happiness. Keep letting go. Those things that we release may come back to us in an entirely new way. However, we have to be willing to release them so completely that we are fundamentally ok even if they disappear completely. At the same time, start bringing in the things you do want. Maybe it is time to start the new business that you’ve been dreaming about but never thought was possible. Perhaps it is time to take the trip you’ve been wanting to take. What would bring you happiness, delight and pleasure? Do it. If you don’t feel able to, look at what limiting beliefs come up. In this very intense time, you MUST do what brings you pleasure and joy. It may be as small as a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop, or as big as a move to another city, but you must find that pleasure. This is the only way to successfully ride out these vigorous waves of change and glide into new energy. Find those earthly delights in every way you can, every single day. This will help to bring in graceful energy.

Keep breathing. The energies on Earth feel particularly intense right now. 2013 is going to be just as intense as 2012. Breathe grace and ease into your body and mind. Take yourself out for a nice dinner. Walk in the park. Find all the things that you love most about Earth and experience them. It sounds deceptively simple, but this is how to navigate this intensity with only minimal bruising.

Blessings to you!!