Work With Me

Are you ready to be nurtured and guided into a life that is rich with love, joy, and happiness?

Imagine waking up in the morning with a smile on your face because you are so overflowing with love that you can’t keep it contained.

Imagine waking up feeling free from the past and excited  for the future!

Imagine the heartache, sadness, and trauma of the past dissolving from your body so that you are filled with sparkling joy.

Imagine having relationships that nurture you and satisfy you deeply.

Imagine feeling connected to your Source, or Soul and knowing that you are guided by it.

Imagine stepping into your wildest dreams instead of being trapped in fears and inhibition.

Imagine feeling free, expansive, and delighted with life!

tessa-rampersad-335923If you are truly ready for the life you’ve been yearning for, join me for a 3 or 6-month private immersion.

We will heal any place where you heart still aches.

We will help you know how worthy and valuable you are (and this alone will change everything).

We will tap into your Soul and connect to Source energies for healing and guidance about your life.

We will help you release the constraints and false beliefs so that you can truly be free.

And we will work to manifest all that you’ve been desiring – the wealth, health, happiness, and wonderful relationships that your heart most craves.

What You’ll Get

3 or 6 months of being totally supported, loved up, and nurtured by someone who completely has your back

9  (for 3 month immersion) or 17 (for 6 month immersion) one-hour private sessions by phone or Skype where we dive deep into healing your heart and creating what YOU most want in life

Welcome kit with a few fun surprises

Unlimited email and text support

A signed copy of my book when it is released

Energetic assistance from me for the entire time we are together where you are held on my altar and in my meditations with total unconditional love and spiritual support. I will be holding your dreams with you which amplifies power.

This Is For You If…

You are committed to transforming you life.

You want to feel empowered.

You want more love than you ever thought possible in your life.

You are ready to know that you are completely and totally worthy of love, respect, joy, health, and abundance.

You are ready to truly heal the traumas, heartbreaks, and false beliefs that are holding your happiness hostage.

You are ready for your life to change for the better.


I also offer in-person work and 1 and 2-day private intensives for clients who want to come work in person. Please email me at for more information.

If you are ready for the life you always wanted, let’s talk. Set up a free 20-minute consultation with me so we can see if I can be of service to you and help you create the life you’ve always dreamt of.