2012 – What’s it all about?

It’s 2012!! And unlike popular media would have you believe, this is going to be a phenomenal year overflowing with opportunity. Ancient traditions across the world have prophesied about this very exciting time in earth’s history. Luckily for us, we’re right in the middle of all the action. So what is 2012 supposed to bring and how can we harness the magical potentials being offered to us right now?

The Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012. Many people have misinterpreted this to mean that the end of the world is near. However, what the Mayans actually prophesied was that December 21, 2012 marks the end of time as we know it. Specifically, we are going from a time of four elements to five elements. We’ve been living in a world of four elements – water, air, earth, and fire. Now, a fifth element is being introduced – ether. While this may not seem like a big deal, the addition of ether changes everything, including how we experience and measure time.

Another way of describing this shift is that we are progressively moving away from old energy, which is linear, predictable, and dualistic to new energy which is spontaneous, exponential, and clear.  Right now, new energy is flooding the earth. In the process, it is shaking up old systems, breaking up stuck energy, and forcing long buried secrets to the surface. The result looks like chaos as can be seen in headlines. In new energy, there is no hiding. New energy demands transparency and authenticity.

The chaos that you may be experiencing personally or feeling globally is part of this transition from old energy to new energy. I know I’ve been saying it for awhile now, but the energy is intense right now! You may be feeling this new energy surge in your body as dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, fatigue, strange body pains, memory loss, difficulty speaking, and a slight feeling of dissociation, among other things. Additionally, conflict within yourself and in interpersonal relationships may be coming to the surface as energies are seeking resolution right now.

Fortunately for you, amidst the chaos are incredible potentials. With this new energy surge, we have access to tremendous opportunity. New energy is almost magical in its ability to support manifestations. This year, manifestations are happening and they are happening quickly. It is time to get clear about what you choose to experience this year. What do you want to bring into your life? What do you want to create? Take some time to really ask yourself these questions and feel into your body for what answers spontaneously emerge. When you get clear about what you want to bring in, feel it in every cell. Feel your body, mind, and soul open up to gracefully allowing what you want to enter your life.
It is time to make clear choices. If you do not, new energy will honor that and you will be met with procrastination and delays. New energy will lovingly honor anything you choose and if you choose to do nothing, you will be met with nothing. New energy will also lovingly honor all conscious and deliberate choices. It is the perfect year to start new projects, launch a business, rebalance your body, allow in abundance, call in nurturing friendships, etc. What is it you are hoping for this new year? It could be as simple as desiring to experience more self-love, joy, or clarity. Or it could be as grand as finding your Soul’s passion or choosing enlightenment.  The potentials are limitless. Make choices and then stand back, allowing this energy to effortlessly serve you.

The energy surge we’re experiencing on earth is exciting, sometimes challenging, and ripe with potential. Now is the time to get very clear about what choices you want to make this year. Use this flood of new energy to serve you. You are being supported like never before in earth’s history.

2012 – Up Close and Personal

     Our natural state is one of seamless fluid movement of never-ending grace. With the long-prophesied shift in consciousness happening on December 21, the dream of natural grace in which every need is taken care of in the moment, is finally becoming a reality.
      In mid-October, I went to a good friend’s wedding in Mexico. The wedding itself was a beautiful and sacred affair filled with deep meaning and abundant love. It was a touching day that I will remember forever as I witnessed two people I care for very much profess their love and commitment to each other. The wedding was magical, as was my entire week in Mexico.
     While there, I experienced miracle upon miracle. Everything unfolded beautifully for my traveling companion and me. We were upgraded to an enormous suite, were greeted by the most wonderful staff, and made friends with the charming waiters who served us fresh tropical fruits in the morning. My friend and I wanted for nothing. We spent hours on end bobbing in warm turquoise waters and connecting to the stars.
     On our second day, I couldn’t help but feel how blessed I was to be in this place of translucent turquoise waters with some of my favorite people. While snorkeling, I thought to myself that I would love to find a beautiful shell to remind me of this trip and the blessings surrounding us. Five minutes later, I noticed a gorgeous black and white shell standing on its own right next to a giant purple starfish. I dove down and picked it up, knowing that this was the sign I had asked for. I had not seen any shells at all on the beach where we were staying at and couldn’t believe this shell hadn’t been discovered by any of the many people snorkeling around me. Overjoyed, I picked up the shell, made sure there was nothing living inside of it, and took it back to the beach. It was the only shell (and starfish) I saw the entire time in Mexico and it was perfectly formed and completely intact. A blessing, indeed.
     After the wedding, a few frienIMG_0095ds and I decided to stay and travel for a few days. We hired a driver to take us to a hotel about two hours away in Tulum. After dinner that night, I went out and stood on an overlook near our hotel. The stars sparkled as bright as Christmas lights and illuminated the crystal ocean waves beneath them. As I stood there on that wooden overlook, I felt an energy come over me and knew I had stood there before. The words “Everything is about the SUN” flashed through my minds eye. I felt as if I were an ancient priest surveying the land beneath me and seeking guidance from the stars. Incredibly, I felt as though I was home. It was a magical moment that is emblazoned in my memory forever.
     Interestingly, when I made the travel arrangements to fly to this wedding in Playa del Carmen, I had no conscious awareness that I would be near some of the most famous Mayan ruins in Central America. Had I known, I would have made a point to go see them. However, my Soul knew exactly where I needed to be. My traveling companion was from Mexico and had decided that those of us attending the wedding needed to go to place called Chichen Itza. She organized a car rental, and we drove two hours to find this place that I knew nothing about. We arrived, paid our entrance fee, and walked in.
     As I passed through the gates, I saw directly in front of me was a stunningly gorgeous Mayan pyramid. Without any conscious awareness or effort on my part, I was standing in front of one of the most sacred Mayan sites in the world. I did not know I would be in Mayan country, did not know I would be going to a Mayan temple, and did not make any plans to be there. All I did was make plans to go to a friend’s wedding. Yet, all of the sudden, I found myself in the center of a Mayan ceremonial site exactly two months before December 21, 2012. My jaw dropped as I realized how well my Soul had organized this entire thing. As I gazed in awe at the temple in front of me, I heard a voice repeat “Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home” repeat in my head.
     Once inside Chichen-Itza, we realized we would need a guide to help us understand this immense place. At once, a quiet man with sparkling eyes approached us gently and offered to be our guide. I knew this man understood Mayan spirituality in the deepest sense. As he started the tour, the first words out of his mouth were “For the Mayans, everything was about the sun.” Instantly I flashed back to the words that had entered my head the night before standing on the wooden overlook. I really had come back home.
     Our guide turned out to be a Gnostic and Mayan Mystic. He shared with us many of the unknown secrets of the Mayan culture. Though it is portrayed as somewhat barbaric culture with human sacrifices, the Mayans were actually a very advanced civilization. They knew that the afterlife was more real than this life and therefore, to be sacrificed wasn’t punishment but rather an honor. Those who were sacrificed, trained for it their entire lives and knew how to travel among the many levels of consciousness. They knew about the many realms, and how to enter them while in body and while out of body. The Mayans also had a symbol for zero, which they considered to be the potential of everything and nothing all at once. Paradise was considered to be a black hole because in a black hole, there are infinite possibilities. These people were truly advanced and I cannot do justice to their incredibly precise understandings of the Universe in this brief article. What I can say is that the Mayan culture contains a deep spiritual wisdom that surpasses many of our current understandings.
There are many more synchronicities and examples of living grace from that single week I spent in Mexico – too many to include in this article. However, since my time there, life has continued to unfold effortlessly and delightfully. My time there taught me many things, but perhaps most importantly, that we are moving into a time of effortless creation and flow, if we allow it.
     In just a few short days, we will be experiencing the long prophesied change of time. As our Mayan guide explained, the Mayans saw December 21, 2012 to be the day in which we spiral into a new way of being. It is not the end of time, but rather, the beginning of a new kind of time. Essentially, we are moving from linear time to quantum time, and with that comes a great expansion. New energy has been coming into the planet for a couple of years now, but after December 21st we will officially be steeped in new energy. This means we will be integrating the masculine and feminine and creating lives of joy rather than survival.  Increasingly, we have to give up our sense of control as we move into a time when what we need will show up in the exact moment we need it.
Manifestations are happening more quickly than ever. This beautiful new energy wants to serve us in every way possible and will honor whatever choice we make. The more we can let go and fall deeper into self-trust and self-love, the easier and more fluid life will be. I’m experiencing this every day more and more and know it is possible for everyone.
     Wishing each one of you tremendous grace, ease, abundance, love, and joy as we rapidly approach this magical time of new beginnings.