You’ve Been Set Up to Succeed – Just Keep Going

The tiny elm seed
The tiny elm seed

We are designed much like the little elm seed. We come down here with everything we need already inside of us. We have “divine seed packets” deep embedded inside of us with all that we will ever need to grow into our full self. Encoded in our divine seed packets are the tools, people, awarenesses, and events we will need to fulfill our particular soul mission.

Every single thing we need for our growth, evolution, success, and fulfillment was set up before we were even born.

If we only knew this, we would worry a lot less. So much of our time is spent worrying about if we will have what we need – will we have enough money, the right relationships, great opportunities, a place to live, etc.? If we knew the truth, which is that whatever we needed would find us at the exact minute we needed it, we would worry less.

It may not seem like all our needs are being met if we are sick, or lonely, or struggling to find work. However, part of what is encoded in that divine seed packet is what we need to learn. Those times that are challenging are our greatest teachers. They are set up to help us strengthen, deepen, and reach for a greater love and trust in ourselves. They are all part of our own divine seed packet.

In that seed packet, we also have the gifts we will need to get through life. The events, openings, opportunities, and people we need to fulfill our unique destinies are already set up.

What you need, will come. It may take longer than our basic selves would like, but it does come. Your job is to keep moving through your life making sure you have food, water, fun, and maybe some sunlight. Your task is to just keep walking, one foot in front of the other, and allow everything you need to fall into place.

Your job is to just keep going, and to allow what you need to find you.

You’ve been set up to succeed. Embedded deep inside of you truly is everything you will ever need. The events, opportunities, and people you need to do what you are here to do will come. Everything you need will be taken care of. Just keep walking.


How to Consciously Create Your Life

Many of us IMG_0296would like to believe we are conscious creators or co-creators of our own reality. In a sense we are. However, what many people do not understand is that often times, we let other people, other things, or mass consciousness in general exert more control over our lives than we do.

Conscious creation is about making choices from every level of our being. It is about making choices that resonate through the very marrow of our being outwards through our subtle energy bodies and into Soul. Conscious creation happens when all parts of us are in alignment about what we choose to experience as Souls embodied.

The popular new age axiom “You create your own reality” is a true statement but does not tell the entire story. Yes, we do create our own realities but we are composed of many parts and these parts may not always be in agreement with each other. Creation is more than just thinking positive thoughts or focusing on what you want through the law of attraction. Conscious choices are not made from the mind. Conscious choices are made through the entire being. Creation is about getting in touch with the parts of you and getting clear about what different aspects of you are wanting and how that relates to what your Soul is choosing. Are all parts of you in agreement with what your Soul is choosing to experience?

When we aren’t clear about what we want and the different parts of Self are veering off into opposing directions, we leave room for anyone else or anything else to make decisions for us. This begs the question, “Who is pulling your strings?” Are you consciously creating your life from all levels of YOU or are you letting your partner, family, friends, finances, or mass consciousness make moves for you? Mass consciousness would be all too happy to tell you how to live. Where in your life are you making conscious choices and where are you letting everyone else run your life for you?

Thus, one of the keys to conscious choosing is getting in touch with different parts of you so you can begin to know what is happening inside of you. Get to know your mind, your Soul, your ego, and the many little voices inside of you begging for attention and acceptance. Those little voices are having an impact on what you are drawing into your life whether you know it or not. Get in touch with those voices and bring them to the light where they can become conscious and the larger totality of YOU can begin to make decisions from a place of conscious awareness instead of unconscious reaction.

When you sit down to think about what you would like to create in your life, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. What part of ME is this desire coming from?
  3. Is this desire something I really want or is it something I’ve been told I want? Or is this somebody elses desire for me?

Listen for the answers. You may find that your desires are coming from a sincere and high-level Soul desire for expression and creation. You may find that some of your desires are coming from wounded aspects of you that are seeking attention and healing. Again, there is no judgment of these aspects or their desires. Aspects are always seeking wholeness and healing. The point of this exercise is just to become conscious – to become aware of what is happening inside of YOU.

Just let yourself hear the many different voices inside of you. Let them come into your awareness. Listen to what they want. Dialogue with them. This is the first step in becoming a Conscious Creator. Once you are aware of the many parts of you, you can begin to make full, powerful, and aligned choices that serve all parts of you in truly wonderful ways.