Feeling panicked? Connect with the Future You.

Safety. Whether or not we consciously realize it, safety is the feeling we are all scrambling for most of the time.  We think that more money in our savings, a bigger house, the right partner, or exclusively organic food will bring us the safety and security we desire. We want to make sure we can survive this often harsh place called Earth so we stockpile money for a rainy day, or get married to assure we are never alone again, or find the best supplements so that our body is never sick again.

This desire for safety is hard-wirIMG_1966ed into our brains. We are instinctually driven to survive at all costs. And thank goodness we have that wiring or we might have all accidentally walked off cliffs by now! We need our desire for safety and security so we can survive day-to-day.

However, when our life circumstances start to change and we are faced with the loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one, or a break up, our survival self gets triggered and we freak out. You know the panic that sets in when you’ve just been laid off or when you someone breaks up with you unexpectedly? It is the kind of panic that grips your body and makes it hard to breathe. It sends your mind tailspinning into anxiety. It feels as though all your stability is being whisked away from underneath you. Your sense of safety has been threatened and quite naturally, the survival self starts sending “DANGER, DANGER, DANGER” signals to your body and brain.  At this point, our body’s completely lock up and we lose connection to that deeper wisdom within us that knows that this is all ok.

Your Soul knows that endings have to happen to propel you into something even greater. And oftentimes, we cling so hard to safety that our Soul must forcibly remove us from our current situation so we can meet our new destiny.

So how can we deal with these forced ejections out of our comfort zone? We can consciously start to connect to the other, deeper parts of us that know the divine plan. There is a part of us that knows deep down, everything will be ok. You can call it your Soul, God, your Higher Self, or Bob. It doesn’t matter what it is. The important thing is that we connect with what it feels like and what it knows. Doing so will help integrate the divine safety and wisdom that is in you. You’ll feel a lot better and start to see that all the fear that the survival self puts us through really isn’t necessary. Everything will turn out ok in the end. The fear and drama that our survival self creates isn’t necessary to propel us into finding safety. The Soul will lead us into safety.

Try this meditation to start integrating the Soul Self into the survival self.

Meditation to Connect with Future Self

  1. Sit someplace that is quiet and comfortable
  2. Take a few deep breaths
  3. Notice where your body feel tense, scared, or anxious. Just witness it.
  4. Call forth your future self. This is the you in the future who understands why all of this is happening. She (or he) understands that this is all for your greater good. She is infinitely wise and completely at peace. She is whole. She understands.
  5. Let her come hold you….gently rocking you. Let her just be with you. Just allow yourself to rest in her arms. Allow yourself to open up to the safety and peace she feels. She knows it will be ok because she has walked through this and seen the end. Let her just comfort you.
  6. Ask her for any messages she has for you. Don’t censor. Just allow any thoughts, feeling, images, or words to arise.
  7. Take as much time as you want to feel the complete peace and safety of your future self.
  8. Know that everything will be ok. You will be ok. There is no other possibility.

Grumpy Human

One of the few moments I wasn’t grumpy. Riding around Costco on a Rascal.



I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I get really really grumpy. And irritable. And angry. I know that some of my clients tend to assume that I spend most my time beaming beatifically as I walk down the streets, smiling at everyone and extending blessings to everyone who passes by me. And truthfully, some days I do. Other days, I most certainly do not.

For the past two weeks, I have been laid up at home with a neon pink cast on my right leg. As you may recall, I had surgery on my left ankle this time last year. Well, the right ankle got jealous and demanded the same treatment. So here I am again, in a cast and on crutches during the hottest month in New Mexico. At this moment, I am a very grumpy human.

I used to believe that to be a spiritual being, I had to be peaceful, content, radiant, and emanating pastel shades of purple from my aura at all times. I judged myself for being grumpy or getting irritated with loved ones. I couldn’t believe that I got impatient in traffic or murderous when faced with long plane delays and bad airport food. I thought that because I am spiritual, I should be peaceful and maintain total composure at all times.

And then I started to realize something. A very good friend of mine reminded me that in the Bible, there were times when Jesus got very angry. I’m by no means a religion expert but I do know that somewhere down the line, we got passed down an image of what it means to be spiritual and that image denies some of the more challenging aspects of being human. To be spiritual seems to mean that we should “transcend” our anger, pain, disappointment, frustration, and rage. Indeed, some religious paths suggest that we aim to do just that.

However, in doing so, we deny part of what makes us human. Being human is sometimes really hard. It just is. And there is nothing wrong with that. We are down here in dense physical matter surrounded by war, power games, poverty, hunger, physical pain, heartbreak, violence, etc. If we try and deny the pain and anger of what it is to be human, we send that pain and anger down deep inside our bodies and unconscious where it hides. When this happens, you can guarantee that one day, that pain and anger will rise up with a vengeance into a cataclysmic explosion.

What if instead of repressing our so-called “negative” emotions, we learned to accept them as part of what makes us human? What if instead of trying to get rid of our negative states, we just added kindness and compassion? What if we loved ourselves for courageously choosing to come down to this messy earth knowing it wouldn’t be easy?

For me, this looks like just accepting where I am without trying to sugarcoat it. Lately I’ve been telling my family, friends, and partner, “I’m grumpy. I just am.” And when I allow the truth of this to just come through, the grumpiness often organically subsides and I’m able to find my laughter again. Previously, I would have tried to appear cheerful and happy while stewing about the fact that I was grumpy and hated the hot New Mexico sun and the dog that kept getting in the way of my knee scooter. Now, when I take a deep breath and calmly admit what I am feeling to those around me, it feels like fresh air comes into my being and my energy begins to move.

Truth is, we are human. We will get depressed, feel anxiety, get annoyed, hate our loved ones, and frown when faced with long airport security lines. And all of this is ok. I believe that the great spiritual avatars all experienced similar emotions. I have even seen some of my most respected spiritual teachers lose their cool once or twice. And it’s ok. The more acceptance and loving we can bring to our unpleasant emotions, the quicker those emotions can move. To be spiritual is to be fully human, grumpiness and all.




The Grace of Chaos

I know this article is late. Truth be told, life has been just a little bit intense the past two months. We are in some seriously chaotic energies! As I write this, the government is partially shut down, we are facing the debt ceiling on Oct. 17th, and it seems as though people everywhere are losing their minds. On a personal level, I’ve been dealing with the violent death of a dear friend while also contemplating some major changes. I’ve actually been getting emails from clients the past few weeks asking me what is going on right now. People are reporting deaths of loved ones, health issues, break-ups, moves, and job changes. Basically, its crazy out there.

paigebradley1If you are one who has been experiencing the intensity of the past two months, you are not alone. At the beginning of the year, I wrote that 2013 would be just as chaotic and challenging as 2012. My feeling is that the world will start to calm down around the end of 2015 and into 2016, so we have a little while to go yet.

Why does the world feel like a mess?

If you look at the appearance of things, it does appear as though everything is crumbling to pieces. However, if you take a deep breath and feel deeper into what is happening, you’ll notice something incredible. Grace is deep at work. There is grace in chaos.

Old systems and structures are breaking apart. Beings and energies that have fed on others through the accumulation of power know that their time is up. In the world we are moving into, those whose only motive is to build personal power are going to end up shooting themselves in the foot. I’m thinking of the small population of Republicans in Congress who are trying to hold up legislation that would raise the debt ceiling by Oct. 17th. This group is tenaciously trying to hold onto a sense of power because unconsciously, they know their time is over.  Interestingly, in attempting to maintain and expand their power, they are alienating much of the country, including people in their own party.

Their fight is not about Obamacare, it is about holding onto power. In the new energy, there is no power in the way we’ve known it. Throughout time, people have accrued power by exerting themselves and their rights over others. Power has come through stealing it from others, or what I call “feeding.” In the new energy, true power comes from knowing that there is no need to control, manipulate, or subdue others to stay safe. Power comes from the deep knowledge that all people are inherently divine and have equal access to abundance, energy, and love.

In the new energy, we come to know that the way Home isn’t through feeding on others, but through accepting our own divinity and sovereignty. We become self-sufficient energy generators. The more we fall in love with ourselves, the less we need to feed off others.

What we are actually seeing, is old systems of power beginning to fall apart. Power, in the way we have known it, is dying. As we move into the new energy, we embrace our divinity, and trust in ourselves and our own lives. Often this means letting go and allowing grace to come in and do its magic. When we allow grace into the chaos of our lives and the unknowns of our future, often times, miracles happen.

So here is my prescription for those of you who are struggling with chaos:

  1. Allow it. Allow the world to be what it is. Allow the chaos to be what it is. Relax into it. Accept it. Doing so gives it permission to change.
  2. Try your best to stay out of the drama. Let the world go through its evolutions and learning without getting sucked in. Imagine yourself standing behind a clear bulletproof glass wall where you can see everything that is happening, but it doesn’t affect you. You are completely safe behind your glass wall.
  3. Self-care. Go for a walk, touch the earth with your barefeet, cook yourself a nice meal, get that massage you’ve been wanting, talk to your therapist or spiritual guide, etc. Do all those things you need to do to keep your balance. This is the highest possible service you could give the world. Find your balance so the world can follow suite. Be an example of how to successfully ride out these waves. Show others how to stay calm and move on.

So there you have it. When the world has got you down, take a breath and feel a bit deeper into what is going on. Chances are, you’ll notice something incredible happening.

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Maybe you had a life-changing moment in which you picked up the right book at the right time and the world started opening up for you.  Or maybe you were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and it made you start questioning your own reality.  Maybe you went through a painful break-up or had to say goodbye to a loved one. Whatever the catalyst, spiritual awakening is a profound process in which you move away from your ego-self and into soul-self.  Though the rewards are great, such a process can be difficult.  You may feel as though your whole world is being torn apart bit-by-bit as you start living from a completely different reference point.
When I was heavily into my awakening process, there were days when I couldn’t tell up from down.  There were moments I was certain I was going crazy as my mind seemed to be spiraling out of control.  Do not fear!  A general rule of thumb: Whatever you are feeling is okay and part of the process.  When all else fails, BREATHE!!!  Deep breathing grounds you and helps move the process along.
That said, here are a few awakening signs I’ve observed:
  1. Disillusionment with the world.  You may find yourself feeling  hopeless, lost, sad, and angry with the state of the world.
  2. Sudden changes.  This could be the loss of a job, loved one, pet, a serious illness, a change in environment or all of the above.  In the awakening process, the things that we are most attached to are often taken away as we are forced to look inwards.
  3. Extreme bodily sensations such as fatigue, exhaustion, manic episodes, nausea, chest pains, headaches, skin irritations such as rashes or acne, etc.  Your whole body is being rewired and your DNA is changing.  Your body goes through a great number of detoxes as old energy leaves the body and new energy comes in.
  4. Seemingly random bouts of depression or anxiety and a need to cry for no reason. You are releasing so much of your past life and indeed, past lives.  Let the emotions surface and know they are okay.  Move through them.
  5. Loss of passion.  You may lose interest in everything life has to offer.  You may experience no interest in any of the things you used to love.  You are in a transition and re-wiring phase.  Know this and go with it.  Your passion will return to you in new ways but until then, enjoy this time as a resting phase.
  6. Feelings of loneliness or disconnection.  You may feel like you just don’t fit in the world anymore.  You may feel like an alien and want to spend more and more time alone.  Many relationships may disintegrate and this is appropriate.  Awakening is often a very lonely process as it removes you from mass consciousness and ushers you into your own Selfhood.
  7. Intense dreams.  Dreams may take on a whole new meaning and you may wake up more exhausted than before you went to bed.  You are doing much work in your sleep state.
  8. Feelings of disorientation, fuzziness, dizziness, or spaciness.  Your crown chakra is being downloaded with new information and energy.  The hemispheres of your brain may be integrating.  You are also starting to walk in other dimensions.  Make sure you breathe and ground while symptoms are intense.
  9. Feeling like nothing is real.  Scenery and objects may cease to feel “real.”  It may seem as though you are watching a movie but not actually in it.
  10. Feelings of intense grief and sadness.  You are grieving the loss of self as you are moving into Self.  Honor yourself and all you have been and all that you are moving into.  You are a wise beautiful being.
  11. Varying sleep patterns.  Some nights you may feel as though you are electric and cannot sleep.  Other nights you will be able to sleep 12 hours straight though.  You may find yourself waking up intermittently.
  12. Nothing helps anymore.  Those things that used to help during times of stress no longer do.  All of our methods of coping and relief seem to constantly change beneath us.  You have to find new ways of coping.  Again, when all else fails, BREATHE!
  13. Changes in appetite.  Some days you won’t be able to eat and may even feel like you have the flu.  Other days you will be ravenously hungry.  Listen to your body and trust it’s wisdom.  When in intense hunger mode, eat protein every few hours.  Your body needs the large amounts of fuel because your entire cellular structure is changing.
  14. Changes in weight.  At the start of an awakening experience, many people gain weight.  This process demands a ton of energy as your body’s cellular structure is being changed from the inside out.  Your body needs the extra energy and may desire the energetic comfort that an extra layer of fat brings.  As you become more comfortable living from your spiritual center, your weight will balance out again, sometimes overnight.  Relax with the changes and give your body permission to do what it needs to do.  This will pass and the easiest way to let it pass is to just go with it.