The Darkness is Your New Best Friend!

Things are changing, and things are changing fast. Collective consciousness still feels turbulent, chaotic, and downright painful at times. We are shifting at a phenomenal rate and the darkness that once was hidden or that we tried to separate ourselves from is out and about, longing for integration. We are in a time of reclaiming our own darkness on both a collective and personal level.

The darkness we see outside of us in the collective is also the darkness inside of us that is longing to come back home.

The darkness is not to be feared, it is part of us. It is what Carl Jung termed the Shadow and it is the part of ourselves that we do not like, therefore condemn in both ourselves and others. A great example of this on the collective level is the “War on Terror.” The War on Terror is a classic case of what psychologists call projection, or projecting disowned parts of ourselves onto another. By making another person, place, or thing, the evil enemy, we are projecting our own darkness onto a tangible external source thereby distancing ourselves from it. In this way, we can be light, while something else is dark. We can be good, while something else is bad. With projection, we never have to own the parts of ourselves that we are afraid or that are socially unacceptable.

However, when we disown parts of ourselves and project them onto others, we are actually doing ourselves a great disservice. Our own darkness is not bad as we have been trained to believe. In actuality it has many gifts to offer.

The darkness is where we carry a tremendous source of power. It is only by going into darkness that we learn just how powerful we truly are as angelic beings here on earth. All of the most powerful healers and teachers that I know have fully delved into their own darkness and acknowledged it with love and compassion.

When we welcome our darkness home, it integrates with our light and unity is born. We become beings no longer tied to the games of duality. In essence, we become entirely new beings who are not just composed of dark and light, but something else entirely. When dark and light integrate, a third element is born that is not subject to the push/pull of old duality games. We find an independence from all the of the duality games we see going on around us.

So, when you hear awful news stories that make you cringe, or hear disturbing stories from family or friends, recognize the darkness that has been released and is desperately trying to find its way home. Acknowledge it, welcome it in if it feels like yours, let it pass through you if it is not yours, and then bless it on its journey towards integration. The darkness cannot truly hurt you and was never really bad. It is here to empower you and help you on your journey. The darkness, just like everything else right now, is seeking balance.

Darkness is ready to come back home. Welcome it in with open arms and ask it what gifts is has to teach you.