About Me

Charmayne Kilcup

I’ve always been interested in the worlds of magic and healing. I remember my favorite pastime as a young girl was going into my mother’s garden and taking her herbs, vegetables, and fruits and mashing them up to create magical “potions.” I thought these concoctions would help heal my family and neighbors of their physical ailments and stress. My mother wasn’t always so happy about my potions, but I knew sacrificing her homegrown vegetables for healing potions was worth it.

Today, I can still see how I love to develop magical “potions” for friends, family, and clients. Only, instead of potions made from liquefied cucumbers, tomatoes, and snap peas, I now use the magical potions of self-forgiveness, loving, and unconditional acceptance. And the result? Real magic that is powerful and life-changing.

Since experiencing the radical power of self-forgiveness and self-love myself, I now know that the key to true healing is forgiving ourselves for ever having judged ourselves for our beliefs or experiences. I am now privileged to facilitate and witness real magic every time that I work with my clients. I get to watch years of depression, anxiety, and grey heaviness turn into lightness, joy, and happiness, often with just a simple forgiveness statement or two. I truly do watch magic happen right before my eyes.

My professional training includes an M.A. in Counseling at Southwestern College in Santa Fe. I had the enormous privilege of studying with Robert Waterman where I was able to deepen my healing work and witness firsthand the miracles that can happen when you work with forgiveness and loving. I went on to pursue a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. Along the way, I trained in  Noetic Field Therapy®, Reconnective Healing®, and Thetahealing®. Today, I use the incredible techniques I learned from my amazing teachers along with my own intuitive “potions” to help clients heal physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental issues.

My first book is currently in the works and should be out in Fall of 2017. Stay tuned!