Feeling panicked? Connect with the Future You.

Safety. Whether or not we consciously realize it, safety is the feeling we are all scrambling for most of the time.  We think that more money in our savings, a bigger house, the right partner, or exclusively organic food will bring us the safety and security we desire. We want to make sure we can survive this often harsh place called Earth so we stockpile money for a rainy day, or get married to assure we are never alone again, or find the best supplements so that our body is never sick again.

This desire for safety is hard-wirIMG_1966ed into our brains. We are instinctually driven to survive at all costs. And thank goodness we have that wiring or we might have all accidentally walked off cliffs by now! We need our desire for safety and security so we can survive day-to-day.

However, when our life circumstances start to change and we are faced with the loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one, or a break up, our survival self gets triggered and we freak out. You know the panic that sets in when you’ve just been laid off or when you someone breaks up with you unexpectedly? It is the kind of panic that grips your body and makes it hard to breathe. It sends your mind tailspinning into anxiety. It feels as though all your stability is being whisked away from underneath you. Your sense of safety has been threatened and quite naturally, the survival self starts sending “DANGER, DANGER, DANGER” signals to your body and brain.  At this point, our body’s completely lock up and we lose connection to that deeper wisdom within us that knows that this is all ok.

Your Soul knows that endings have to happen to propel you into something even greater. And oftentimes, we cling so hard to safety that our Soul must forcibly remove us from our current situation so we can meet our new destiny.

So how can we deal with these forced ejections out of our comfort zone? We can consciously start to connect to the other, deeper parts of us that know the divine plan. There is a part of us that knows deep down, everything will be ok. You can call it your Soul, God, your Higher Self, or Bob. It doesn’t matter what it is. The important thing is that we connect with what it feels like and what it knows. Doing so will help integrate the divine safety and wisdom that is in you. You’ll feel a lot better and start to see that all the fear that the survival self puts us through really isn’t necessary. Everything will turn out ok in the end. The fear and drama that our survival self creates isn’t necessary to propel us into finding safety. The Soul will lead us into safety.

Try this meditation to start integrating the Soul Self into the survival self.

Meditation to Connect with Future Self

  1. Sit someplace that is quiet and comfortable
  2. Take a few deep breaths
  3. Notice where your body feel tense, scared, or anxious. Just witness it.
  4. Call forth your future self. This is the you in the future who understands why all of this is happening. She (or he) understands that this is all for your greater good. She is infinitely wise and completely at peace. She is whole. She understands.
  5. Let her come hold you….gently rocking you. Let her just be with you. Just allow yourself to rest in her arms. Allow yourself to open up to the safety and peace she feels. She knows it will be ok because she has walked through this and seen the end. Let her just comfort you.
  6. Ask her for any messages she has for you. Don’t censor. Just allow any thoughts, feeling, images, or words to arise.
  7. Take as much time as you want to feel the complete peace and safety of your future self.
  8. Know that everything will be ok. You will be ok. There is no other possibility.