Loving the Ego

I want to take a minute and write a quick word about the ego which is the subject of Tolle’s new book. The ego is akin to the “young self.” It is considered the limited, impetuous, compulsive, approval-seeking and competitive part of us that drives much of our behavior. When we begin to spiritually awaken, we start to see the difference between ego and Soul. We see that we are not just our personalities and that we are not just our minds and that much of what we have experienced in life has been nothing more than ego-gratification. Most people spend their lives being run by ego. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing!

Many people are starting to wake up to the ego. This young and needy part of us that is the ego is just one part that forms the whole of who we are. The ego is very much maligned in the psychological and spiritual world. However, the ego is a very sweet and loving part of us that needs acceptance more than anything else. As we move into new consciousness, it becomes time to not kill the ego, but to befriend it and integrate it.

The ego is in service to us. It has made sure that we get our basic needs met and it tells us when something does not feel right. It has made sure we’ve tasted delicious food and experienced the wonders of sex. For too long, the ego has been burdened with running the show. It has been in charge of governing our entire lives.

I have news – the ego does not want to run your life! What it really wants is to sit in the passenger seat, enjoy the ride, and assist the driver once in awhile. The real driver is your Soul. The ego wants to be taken into consideration, respected, and honored. If it gets these basic needs met, it can begin to trust the Soul and the Soul’s decisions.

Believe it or not, ego and Soul can work side by side. They are not at odds with each other and the more we try and fight one or the other, the more schizophrenic we become. Your ego and your mind are not the enemy. They are just a part of you that have been overburdened and overtaxed for much too long. It’s time to come back into balance and bring all of your parts back home.

Bring your ego home. Talk to it. Tell it you’re sorry for making it run the show by yourself and you never meant to cause it so much stress. Offer it your love and acceptance more than anything else. Tell it you aren’t going to abandon it or do away with it. Give it some high quality chocolate and a bath. Give it a vacation. Love it and it will begin to integrate. No longer will it control you, but will serve as a rather entertaining passenger on the ride.

Instead of fighting the parts of you that you don’t like, love them. That is the only way for true change. We are coming into a time for integration, not separation.