“I had looked around for some time but never found someone I felt that ‘connection’ to. I’m not sure how to explain it besides I ‘knew/felt’ I could trust Charmayne. For years I felt I couldn’t breath normally, it felt like I would “forget” and when I would “remember” I couldn’t really take in a nice DEEP breath, now…I can breathe AND I can smell, something I knew I could not regain with allergy medications. My nose was runny all the time, I was sneezing all the time, indoors, outdoors & didn’t matter what season…and now that I think of it, Spring was always the worse. I carried tissue in my purse, in my pants, I made sure I wore something that had plenty of pockets so I had enough tissue.

Since seeing Charmayne, I can breath, smell and have stopped taking allergy meds, I go outside, smell the flowers, enjoy the sun rays, breathe in the air and not worrying of an allergy attack which I dealt with everyday for years. My hair also stopped falling out. After my first session with Charmayne, that same night I took a shower, and the first thing I noticed was that my hair was not falling out. I was shocked and still am sometimes… A happy shock :)

I also had a lot of anxiety being in and around crowds. I used to make sure I only went shopping on certain days and times so I wouldn’t be too uncomfortable and anxious. Since our sessions I have been able to go to the store during any time of day, crowded or not, without feeling anxiety or fear. I have enough energy to exercise, which, before I did not. I always felt drained, fatigue, I just did not have energy. I would drink energy drinks to just get my through the day & even then I was too tired.

With Charmayne, I am able to be open without feeling judged. I am glad to be able to her what I am experiencing and she know exactly what I mean. The experience has changed my life. I feel happy, I feel happy all the time, I wish everyone  could feel happy being the divine beings we all are and were made to be. Anyone ready to have their life changed for the better would truly benefit from working with Charmayne. It is truly a life-changing experience.” – America Lane, Seattle


Valerie Baker, PhD, Psychologist and Yoga Instructor, creator of Heart Talk Yoga and Transformation Navigator

“Charmayne was an answer to my prayer. Literally. One day, a past traumatic experience triggered a rumination spiral—a sticky, grippy spell of self-doubt. The kind that stops you in your tracks. It felt so toxic that I asked to be freed from it.

That same day, I met Charmayne through an online social network. We quickly discovered that we both had completed our doctoral work at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. I asked what her work focused on. “Self-forgiveness,” she said. I said “Sign me up!” to her and “Thank you!” to the helpers of the Universe for kindly expediting my request.

My phone session with Charmayne had a profoundly cleansing, releasing effect. I felt the intimate reach of her deeply intuitive statements, that she had me repeat in my native language—something that no therapist had ever thought to do. The way she was attuned to me and held the space for this sacred work was truly amazing. I felt safe, empowered, and very grateful for this gift of healing that I had asked for and received.

This one session was so powerful, it was sufficient. In the days and weeks following it, I noticed truly remarkable shifts in the way I felt and was with others. I felt freer and lighter, even my vocal range expanded after reclaiming parts of me that had been left behind in the traumatic experience. My view of the event shifted profoundly to where I was no longer emotionally triggered by its memory.

As a student of transformation and a guide to people on this journey, I can feel when the alchemy is happening. What I received through Charmayne was transformative. I will be calling on her gifts again as new layers in need of healing reveal themselves.

Valerie Baker, PhD, Psychologist and Yoga Instructor, creator of Heart Talk Yoga and Transformation Navigator (”


Sherri D photo
Sherrie Downs

“If you are in the area…run don’t walk to hear anything Charmayne may be presenting…she is simply amazing….not to be missed. I have been working with Charmayne for over two years doing self-forgiveness work. It is amazing work that gets to the core of our healing. It is overlooked by other practitioners and other healing modalities. I know that self-forgiveness work gets to the heart of where healing begins…….it is a practice to be learned!


“Charmayne Kilcup came highly recommended to me a few years ago when I was struggling to

Sarah Kotz
Sarah Kotz

make sense of the sudden death of my father. At the age of 19, I was left with feelings of extreme guilt, loss, confusion and frustration. I had entered what you might call a tailspin, plagued with anxiety and often times, low self-esteem. As a result of my father’s early death, I had additionally inherited some heartbreak triggers, thinking every man I was going to meet would leave me. I had tried to reach out to other counsellors, meditation coaches and energy healers over the years, with little success. So when Charmayne Kilcup came into my life, I was sceptical to say the least.

“I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Charmayne Kilcup is the epitome of a true professional. Charmayne did not try and “fix me” she was there to help coach and guide me to delve deeper into my innermost triggers and blockages. Charmayne taught me that I needed to face what scared me the most, in order to truly heal. Charmayne even provided essential meditative techniques to help orient my frequent anxiety attacks during this time. She also was a sounding board as I learned to come to terms with the new dating relationships I was experiencing.

With Charmayne’s guidance I was finally able to make peace with my father’s early death and open myself up to new, healthy, loving relationships.

Today, Charmayne continues to be a strong mentor and friend in my life. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is truly looking for loving, supported guidance through any life stage or event.”


Nici M photo
Nici Melloto

“Charmayne is one of the most compassionate, genuine, and loving people I know. She has this unique ability to create a safe and sacred space that allows for the search and release of all that is preventing us from living a joyful, soul-filled life. Charmayne is a gifted healer and teacher who has offered me unconditional support while I was on the brink of my spiritual awakening. She has inspired me to go deeper into my heart and manifest the life I had never thought possible for myself. I’ve always felt blessed by the way she openly shares her passion, warmth, and dazzling light. I’ll always hold Charmayne dear and close to my heart.”

“From the minute I spoke with Charmayne on the phone I felt she had something to offer that would help me in my struggle with the feelings of hopelessness and disconnection I was having about my life. For many years, I put all I had towards working on myself– body and mind–in an effort to heal my emotional and physical pains. But…I was just feeling worse and worse each year. What I didn’t understand was that my spirit was starving and no amount of exercise and organic food was going to fix that. In Charmayne, I found a patient, wise guide who truly heard me, who helped me learn to start giving my spirit what it needs, which has helped to shift physical and emotional problems that have dogged me for years. Her work is delicate, subtle, and strong–like a creek flowing out of the mountains. She worked with me help me to forgive yourself and to let go of the ideas and beliefs I carried that are not serving me. Charmayne is in touch with a higher truth and was open and generous in helping me find my way to my own truth. I’m glad I put my trust in her. I feel she has given me the boost I needed to get past my stuck places, begin to heal, and finally be happy!” – Debra Newton, Alaska

“Charmayne enabled me to distill the difference between what I want to do and what I feel obliged to do. She is naturally capable of great insight and gifted with acute intuition.”     – A.K., Santa Fe

“Charmayne is an angel put here to do this work. Working with her I felt her skill is completely natural and unforced, she helped me to see aspects of my life and soul that I needed to see and I can still hear the words she told me when I begin to regress to old patterns of being. I highly recommend her as an intuitive and counselor. Working with her is a rare chance to be with a true healer.”     – I.C., Mexico

“Charmayne offers a wonderful balance of spirituality, humility, respect, and humor in her work. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for her and her guidance in my life.”     – K.L., Seattle

“Working with Charmayne has been nothing short of amazing and I feel like I am taking great strides forward and just need the occasional check-in and / or a verification for my inner gut feeling. She gives full attention to her clients and there is nothing that cannot be addressed, the exercises are great and spot on. The shift in energy she facilitates is tangible immediately, and it is all very grounded, practical and warm. It’s intense times and good to have help like this along the way, to go out and thrive despite the chaos and crumbling old structures.”     – A.P., London

“After years of psychic readings promising “good times ahead,” I was frustrated. The readings were authentic, but honestly I needed to address my soul. I am truly grateful to have found Charmayne. She gave me specific keys to grow my own happiness. Ironically, I no longer hold expectations for the illusion of a bigger, brighter future. Charmayne led me back to myself and there’s always peace within. I am truly thankful.”     – E.C., Scottsdale

“Charmayne’s work has helped me to recognize my own beauty, the beauty that is all around me, to believe in myself and to believe in a universe that cares for me. Her gifts help me to feel safe in a world of duality. Her presence and voice communicate a lightness that is tangible and trustworthy. I trust her completely and I know without a doubt that her intentions are pure and loving, for the highest and best good of all of us. I am immensely grateful to her and her spiritual gifts.”     – E.C., Maryland

“Working with an intuitive was a completely new experience for me and Charmayne not only put me at ease over the phone immediately with her calm and friendly manner but in minutes I was doing good work with her guidance. After my first encounter with Charmayne, I realized that I had insights into times that I had never imagined and had accomplished what I had never achieved after years with a traditional therapist. Her connections, insights and her knowledge as a therapist are true gifts for her clients.”     – S.D., Pennsylvania

“Charmayne is uniquely gifted, combining compassionate, intuitive insight with grounded intelligence. I’ve worked with her a number of times personally. In every instance, she’s shared new insights that have helped me tremendously. Charmayne is the real deal. I adore working with her, and do not hesitate to recommend her.”     – K.B., Canada

“From day one Charmayne started working with me I realized she was a True Healer and a Being Of Light full of Love & Compassion. As a student of ACIL I fully endorse Charmayne as a true Soul Coach/Healer helping us versus a fraud; she even worked in my daughter to clear her aura.”     – E.P., Pennsylvania

“Charmayne was a real help when I was at a crossroads in my life, thanks to her spiritual guidance I have found happiness and inner peace.”     – D.G., England

“Charmayne has been an integral part in helping me heal my life so that I may move forward into becoming my true self. Charmayne not only identified and cleared so much of my karma and aspects of my past lives that were holding me back, but she has also offered so much great advice and guidance on any issue that I ask for her assistance on. I am so thankful that I found Charmayne!”     – K.A.

“Charmayne’s work is profound and deep, as it bypasses the “thinking” mind and goes right into the heart very quickly. No matter what I come to her with, I always leave each session with a feeling of hope, acceptance, and peace. Most of all, her love for all is deeply felt as she comes from a place of heart and connectedness–always.”     – D.M., North Carolina

“I was fortunate to find Charmayne at a pivotal point in my life. She so gently and lovingly guided me through a very challenging period of enormous changes, when my obsolete and rigid structures were ready to tumble down. Charmayne helped me to release, rectify and transmute many imbalances within. Every and each session with her moved me farther from chaos and closer to Spirit. She is a genuine Light bearer who played a crucial role in my journey towards a renewed and more peaceful life. I am forever grateful for the honor and privilege of crossing her path.”     – N.M., California

“I wanted to write something to describe how amazing it felt to receive coaching for my soul from Charmayne. I sensed that she knew immediately what inside me needed healing. I trusted her to share what I wanted and let her guide me towards it. It’s not easy to put into words what happened or why it happened in two or three sentences. What I will say is that it was by far the most meaningful and profound healing-experience of my life. The experience did something that has positively shifted how I feel and relate to others in the world. I am eternally grateful to her.”     – I.S., California

“Over the course of my 71 years I have worked with many healers, energy practitioners, seers and psychics. Charmayne is one of the best I’ve met. The gifts she carries and her exquisite training and practice come along rarely on this planet. Don’t miss her.”     – J.B, Albuquerque

“In Charmayne, I found a patient, wise guide who truly heard me, who helped me learn to start giving my spirit what it needs, which has helped to shift physical and emotional problems that have dogged me for years. Her work is delicate, subtle, and strong–like a creek flowing out of the mountains. ” D.N., Alaska

“Charmayne was an answer to my prayer.” – Valerie Baker

“Charmayne was born with a gift.” – Ann Catherine

“Over the course of my 71 years I have worked with many healers, energy practitioners, seers and psychics. Charmayne is one of the best I’ve met. The gifts she carries and her exquisite training and practice come along rarely on this planet. Don’t miss her.” – Jane Bartell