Savor Your Life

What is one of the best things about being an Angel living on Earth? Pleasure!!! And lots of it. As human beings, we are uniquely situated to enjoy the physical dimension. Life here on Earth is thick, tangible, dense, and viscerally real. In other dimensions, we are energetically lighter and without physical bodies. We cannot ground ourselves to a physical place like we do on Earth. It is only though being human that we can live inside of physical bodies and enjoy the pleasure of a hand caressing our arm, or the taste of warm chocolate cake, or the feeling that runs through the body when we are dancing. It is through being human that we can enjoy making love physical through preparing a good meal, or having great sex, or painting beautiful colors onto canvas.

The most wonderful part of being human is enjoying sensate pleasure. For millennia, religions have taught us that our bodies are bad. Throughout history, asceticism has been in vogue in religions across the world. Denial of the body was considered to be the way to God and many people were sainted precisely because of their ability to deny their body and physical existence.

Denial of the body is not religious, spiritual, or necessary. We are here to glorify and revel in the body. Our fives senses are gateways to physical pleasure and spiritual experience. To be fully embodied as a human being, enjoying every single thing life throws our way, is the deepest spiritual experience one can have.

We are here to be human, nothing more and nothing less. And through the process of being an Angel in a human body, spiritual awakenings and understandings happen. We are here to embrace life fully and embrace ourselves fully. Enlightenment does not happen because of denial of life but because of a full acceptance of human life. When you choose life, you choose the pleasure of a good meal or the enjoyment of a fine work of art. You choose to stop and notice the quality of sunlight at dusk or savor the smell of a cup of hot tea as it warms your hands. Choosing life means allowing yourself the enjoyment of deep belly laughs with friends or a secret joyful smile at a passing child.

If there was only one thing I could teach my clients it would be to choose life and choose pleasure. Enjoy every single morsel of life because you may not be human again. And if you are, you will not be the person you are in this moment in this way. You will not get the pleasure of this life again.