The Blessing I Use Before Sessions

IMG_2718This is a version of the blessing I use when starting sessions with clients. It is a great one to use before beginning any spiritual or psychological work. I tell my clients to use what words work for them. If “God” or “Christ” aren’t your thing, it isn’t a problem. Just replace those terms with whatever fits.

A Blessing of Alignment with God

Father-Mother God, we ask right now for the presence of the Light of the Holy Spirit and the Christ to surround, fill, and protect each one of us, so that whatever takes place during this process will be for the highest good of all concerned.

And for anything that is taken from us at this time, we ask that something of equal or greater value be put in its place.

We would also ask for a special blessing that through this process of aligning ourselves with the highest good, we may open to a new awareness of our divinity and our greatest trusting of God’s love for us.

– John-Morton