The Grace of Chaos

I know this article is late. Truth be told, life has been just a little bit intense the past two months. We are in some seriously chaotic energies! As I write this, the government is partially shut down, we are facing the debt ceiling on Oct. 17th, and it seems as though people everywhere are losing their minds. On a personal level, I’ve been dealing with the violent death of a dear friend while also contemplating some major changes. I’ve actually been getting emails from clients the past few weeks asking me what is going on right now. People are reporting deaths of loved ones, health issues, break-ups, moves, and job changes. Basically, its crazy out there.

paigebradley1If you are one who has been experiencing the intensity of the past two months, you are not alone. At the beginning of the year, I wrote that 2013 would be just as chaotic and challenging as 2012. My feeling is that the world will start to calm down around the end of 2015 and into 2016, so we have a little while to go yet.

Why does the world feel like a mess?

If you look at the appearance of things, it does appear as though everything is crumbling to pieces. However, if you take a deep breath and feel deeper into what is happening, you’ll notice something incredible. Grace is deep at work. There is grace in chaos.

Old systems and structures are breaking apart. Beings and energies that have fed on others through the accumulation of power know that their time is up. In the world we are moving into, those whose only motive is to build personal power are going to end up shooting themselves in the foot. I’m thinking of the small population of Republicans in Congress who are trying to hold up legislation that would raise the debt ceiling by Oct. 17th. This group is tenaciously trying to hold onto a sense of power because unconsciously, they know their time is over.  Interestingly, in attempting to maintain and expand their power, they are alienating much of the country, including people in their own party.

Their fight is not about Obamacare, it is about holding onto power. In the new energy, there is no power in the way we’ve known it. Throughout time, people have accrued power by exerting themselves and their rights over others. Power has come through stealing it from others, or what I call “feeding.” In the new energy, true power comes from knowing that there is no need to control, manipulate, or subdue others to stay safe. Power comes from the deep knowledge that all people are inherently divine and have equal access to abundance, energy, and love.

In the new energy, we come to know that the way Home isn’t through feeding on others, but through accepting our own divinity and sovereignty. We become self-sufficient energy generators. The more we fall in love with ourselves, the less we need to feed off others.

What we are actually seeing, is old systems of power beginning to fall apart. Power, in the way we have known it, is dying. As we move into the new energy, we embrace our divinity, and trust in ourselves and our own lives. Often this means letting go and allowing grace to come in and do its magic. When we allow grace into the chaos of our lives and the unknowns of our future, often times, miracles happen.

So here is my prescription for those of you who are struggling with chaos:

  1. Allow it. Allow the world to be what it is. Allow the chaos to be what it is. Relax into it. Accept it. Doing so gives it permission to change.
  2. Try your best to stay out of the drama. Let the world go through its evolutions and learning without getting sucked in. Imagine yourself standing behind a clear bulletproof glass wall where you can see everything that is happening, but it doesn’t affect you. You are completely safe behind your glass wall.
  3. Self-care. Go for a walk, touch the earth with your barefeet, cook yourself a nice meal, get that massage you’ve been wanting, talk to your therapist or spiritual guide, etc. Do all those things you need to do to keep your balance. This is the highest possible service you could give the world. Find your balance so the world can follow suite. Be an example of how to successfully ride out these waves. Show others how to stay calm and move on.

So there you have it. When the world has got you down, take a breath and feel a bit deeper into what is going on. Chances are, you’ll notice something incredible happening.