What a Passionate Life looks like

My sister recently forwarded this music video to me and it stopped my in my tracks. It is all about living a passionate life and breaking free of the confines of the collective consciousness. The woman in the video dreams of a better life – a life filled with experiences, joy, laughter, sex, and fun. She exemplifies what we are here to do. We are here to ENJOY life and ENJOY the experiences that come with being a Soul-in-body.

This video will probably offend some but I ask you to feel into it deeply. If you feel into the energy behind this video, you’ll understand that the message is to get out there and live a wildly exuberant life.

Spirituality isn’t peacefully OMing your way to enlightenment (though I do love some good OM). Real spirituality is about living your life in a way that fully expresses your divinity AND your humanity. Can you dare to break the rules of what it means to be “spiritual”? Can you dare to live your life more wildly?

I’m Could Be The One – Avicii vs Nicky Romero