What’s in the cards for 2015? A sneak peak!



We did it! We survived 2014, albeit with a few bumps and bruises along the way. It was a tough year for just about everybody, myself included. The world was pretty messy – wars, shootings, lost planes, politics – you name it. Most of my clients dealt with heartbreak, major transitions, health issues, or money issues. It was a rough one!

So what can we expect in 2015?

I know a lot of people were hoping the drama would calm down this year. However, the chaos in the world is still going to keep on keeping on. We started this year with the shooting in Paris and a brutal massacre in Nigeria. Events like this are going to continue. However, I do feel this year will be easier in many ways.

Talking to a client yesterday, I realized that the past several years, it felt like every stabilizing structure around us was dismantled. I had the sense that the very ground we walked upon was torn apart during this grand transformation in consciousness. I don’t know about you, but nothing felt safe to me. I was in survival mode, as was the world.

We have been undergoing a grand dismantling, and it will continue. The world is being dismantled, as are our egos. Our reality looks messy because dysfunctional dynamics have been hidden or buried and they are now coming to the surface in a grand unveiling. This stuff was always there, it is now revealing itself for clearing and healing.

The chaos is still palpable. Yet, for the first time in a long time, it feels like we finally have some stable ground to walk upon again. As my client said, “It feels as though there is a deep peace.” And there is! Underneath the tumult, violence, and chaos, there is solid ground emerging. After dismantling comes reconstruction, and our reconstruction is beginning. This is a great time to start projects, make life changes, develop new ideas, and pursue those dreams you’ve been thinking about. There are many energies to support you this year. Spirit is ready for us to come out of our self-protection caves and get out there. We are moving out of pure survival mode into creation mode. We’ve got more stable ground and we get to start having more fun.

So this new year, I’ve been sitting with the question, “What do I want to create this year?” I urge you all to take five minutes and ask yourself the same thing.

For me, I want to create more joyful authentic self-expression in my work. I’m not sure how that is going to look yet, but that’s ok. The key is to tune into the feeling of what you want. Don’t think about it, but feel it. The details don’t matter, as they will take care of themselves. Stick with the feeling of what you want. Feel it deeply in your body. I’m tuning into the experience of joyfully expressing myself to all of you right now. I’m feeling the warm sparkly bubbly feeling of authentic and enjoyable expression in my chest and belly. I’m letting the Universe know that this is the feeling I want more of this year.

What feeling do you want to tune into? Creation begins with desire. What do you desire in your heart of hearts? Feel it and it will be so! This is the beginning of our reconstruction. So this year, stay out of the drama, feel that solid ground, and get your creations on! Sending each and every one of you blessings for joyful creation this year.