Welcome.Charmayne Kilcup If you have found this page, you may be answering a Soul Call.

Can you imagine living life with vitality, passion, purpose, playfulness, and boundless amounts of love?

It is possible. If you are suffering, I want you to know that a joyful life is out there waiting for you.  I have personally walked through my own healing process and then experienced my own spiritual awakening. I understand firsthand the struggles you may be going through and I may be able to guide you through it.

Do you have chronic issues in your life that you are ready to shift once and for all?

  • Difficulties in romantic relationships
  • Issues with family members
  • Difficulty identifying your life purpose
  • Health issues
  • Lack of abundance

You may have karmic blocks or old imbalances that need releasing. If therapy has not been able to promote true healing, you may need to work on the energetic level to release physical blocks in the energy field.

Or, do you suspect you may be having a spiritual awakening?

  • Everything around you seems to be falling apart
  • Having a hard time being around people
  • Becoming more and more sensitive
  • It feels like you are losing your mind
  • All of your old ways of coping aren’t working
  • Something deep inside you is waking up

Are you ready to know what true JOY really feels like?

Our planet is waking up. There is a new way of being out there waiting for us that is easy and graceful, where all of our needs are taken care of in the moment.  Heaven on earth is possible. However, change is not always easy and sometimes to get to heaven, we must walk through what seems like hell.

This time we are in is special. It is time for psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is time for awakening. And it is time for love. Explore the miracle and mystery of who you really are so you can start to live in the total abundance, joy, freedom, love, ease, grace, flow and happiness that is your divine birthright.

“All that is necessary to make this world a better place to live is to love – to love as Christ loved, as Buddha loved.” – Isadora Duncan

What People Say

“Charmayne was born with a gift.”
- A.W., Chicago

“Charmayne enabled me to distill the difference between what I want to do and what I feel obliged to do. She is naturally capable of great insight and gifted with acute intuition.”
- A.K., Santa Fe

“Charmayne is an angel put here to do this work. Working with her I felt her skill is completely natural and unforced, she helped me to see aspects of my life and soul that I needed to see and I can still hear the words she told me when I begin to regress to old patterns of being. I highly recommend her as an intuitive and counselor. Working with her is a rare chance to be with a true healer.”
- I.C., Mexico