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Charm_pink sweaterI’m Dr. Charmayne Kilcup and I offer a form of spiritual guidance & healing to easily but effectively clear up any struggles you are having in your life.

Are you ready for accelerated healing?

Through my own healing journey and in working with clients from around the globe, I have developed a powerful healing modality called TrueSelf™. TrueSelf™ is a combination of forgiveness (from the ho’oponono tradition), counseling, and NLP to gently but efficiently clear up old debilitating patterns.

Can you imagine living life with vitality, passion, purpose, playfulness, and boundless amounts of love?

It is possible. If you are suffering, I want you to know that a joyful life is out there waiting for you.  I have personally walked through my own healing process and found level of joy I didn’t know was possible. I understand firsthand the struggles you may be going through and I offer guidance & healing to help people find their own happiness.

Do you have chronic issues in your life that you are ready to shift once and for all?

  • Difficulties in romantic relationships
  • Issues with family members
  • Difficulty identifying your purpose
  • Health issues
  • Lack of abundance
  • Anxiety or depression

You may have blocks or imbalances that need releasing. If therapy has not been able to promote true healing, you may need to try something different. My techniques truly heal old patterns once and for all.

Or, do you suspect you may be having a spiritual awakening?

  • Everything around you seems to be falling apart
  • Having a hard time being around people
  • Becoming more and more sensitive
  • It feels like you are losing your mind
  • All of your old ways of coping aren’t working
  • Something deep inside you is waking up

Are you ready to know what true JOY really feels like?

I know that real joy is possible. We have to look at all the ways we judge ourselves, keep ourselves down, and have internalized negative comments from others. Once we forgive ourselves, all the old baggage can just disappear. The real you can then emerge. You can have fun again. You can enjoy your life again. Let’s work together to help you find you.

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