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Are you struggling with relationship issues, career decisions, money problems, your spirituality, or your health?

Are you currently experiencing anxiety, depression, or general lack of ease?

Have you tried therapy, medication, bodywork, or energy work but still feel like something is missing?

I’m Charmayne Kilcup, Ph.D. and I have dedicated my entire life to health, healing, and happiness.

In my psychological and spiritual studies, I found that most psychologists, and even some healers, don’t understand how healing really works.

There is magical ingredient to healing that most people miss. To heal, and I mean really heal, we need to learn how to forgive ourselves. Even if we’ve never done anything “wrong” in our entire lives, we need to forgive ourselves for just having had to endure some of the things we did.

We can easily add loving to the negative events in our past so they can be released and cleared once and for all.

Many people resist forgiveness of themselves or others. They seem to think that forgiveness has to be painful, emotional, messy, or that it will stir up difficult memories they would rather avoid.

But it isn’t true.

Forgiveness can happen as easily as speaking a sentence aloud and taking a deep breath.

You would be amazed.

Self-forgiveness is the easiest and most effective means of healing that I have ever come across. I’ve seen pure magic occur and years of stress and pain melt away in under a minute.

Self-forgiveness actually feels like bliss. It is the path to true love, freedom, and joy.

It is actually the way to getting everything we ever wanted.

And it feels incredible.

I am passionate about this work and helping people feel the lightness, joy, and ease that I have found in my own healing journey. It is incredibly easy with the proper support and guidance.

If you are ready for healing that goes all the way into your Soul, please contact me so we can talk.


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