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Charmayne Kilcup

This is not your typical healing. This is full-hearted, in your bones, sweet release, change-your-life kind of healing.

This is healing that melts away years of sadness, guilt, shame, resentment, heartbreak, and regret in a matter of seconds.

This is healing that calls in love, passion, purpose, and joy.

This is healing that is quick, easy, graceful, and profound.

I’m Charmayne Kilcup, PhD and I’ve studied with some of the world’s most gifted spiritual teachers. In that time, I have learned about the power of self-forgiveness and what a powerful soul healing medicine it can be.

Self-forgiveness is the key to true healing. We may try and patch ourselves up with affirmations, talk therapy, and reiki. But rarely do those techniques go to the root of an issue and dissolve it.

To really heal, we need to find the root belief and self-judgement that we created about ourselves and forgive it. We need to reclaim the part of us that got stuck in trauma that was never worked through and forgive ourselves. We don’t need to “fix” ourselves, discipline ourselves, or punish ourselves into good behavior. We need to offer ourselves the love, compassion, and grace that we deserve simply because we exist.

It may be a relationship issue, a traumatic event in your past, concerns about your body image, difficulties at work, confusion about next steps, or a sense of overall dissatisfaction – but something feels stuck, heavy, or grey.

Often, it only takes a simple healing technique or two for years (or decades) of pain to melt away.

I have witnessed miracles occur in my clients, often from just repeating one carefully crafted self-forgiveness statement and taking a deep breath. I’ve actually experienced these miracles myself.

Are you ready to feel clear, happy, and free?

Are you ready to feel loved? And to be loved?

Are you ready to let go of guilt, shame, anger, depression, resentment, and sadness?

Let’s get your healing on.